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The truth is, many people have little to insufficient knowledge when in comes to office desks or office furniture in general. You probably know that office furniture is not the same as home furniture, right? And a lot of people don’t even know where office furniture is sold because office furniture is designed specifically for businesses or offices.


And you won’t normally find or see office furniture stores everywhere like you would normally find and see a furniture store around the malls and shopping centers. Luckily enough you’ve came across this office desk buying guide where you’ll learn about different types of office desks as well as some guidelines of what to do before buying an office desk.

We all need an office desk and a chair for our office to look and feel like it’s a complete office, not only does corporate offices needs office desks, tables and chairs but also our home offices and other small businesses might need to employ office desks and chairs as well. To cut to the chase, let’s jump into the office desks guidelines to learn more.

Office Layout

Office layout is one of the most important factors to consider before buying an office desk. You’ll need to have the following in mind: how much space do you have or size of your office, once you have proper measurements in place you’ll be able make an informed decision as what size of office desk you should buy knowing that it’ll fit in your office.

office-plan-layoutOffice Design Layout Sample

You’ll also need to plan your movement around the office and not forgetting where your visitors would sit in the office depending on the future of your business as well as your business’s industry. Before you do anything, it’s highly recommended that you draw or plan your office on a piece of paper the way that you would want it to look.


Consider other items and accessories you’ll want to employ in your office
Once you’re done with your layouts, consider things like; desk accessories or organizers, whether your chairs will fit in your office desk, where your visitors’s chairs will be placed, if you have a credenza, a mobile pedestal, a bookcase or a filing cabinet where will you place them in your office. Remember to leave extra space for your own movement.

Office Desk Accessories

Desk type, Wood & Colour
We all have different tastes, “we don’t love the same things”. When it comes to choosing office desks, you also have to consider the looks and the quality of your desired office desks. Manufactures use different types of woods when making these desks, woods such as veneer, melamine, oak, dark mahogany, walnut, pine are all popular wood types used to make furniture and you also have to choose the colour that resonates with your personality and business walls.

Types Of Office Desks

Besides the looks, sizes and the colour, there are many different types of office desks and shapes. Therefore you’ll have to understand and know exactly what you looking for. These are some of the office desks types; writing desk, computer desk, executive desk, corner desk, credenza desk, secretary desk, floating desk, roll top desk, standing desk, cluster desk, L-shape desk, u-shape desk, etc… Metal and glass material are also used to manufacture some of the office desks.


Where to start looking?
Just like other retailers, there are a few office furniture manufactures, suppliers and stores in the industry but it’s very important that you research the suppliers prior to buying. If you’re going to search office furniture suppliers in your area online, you’ll have to look at the reviews first and listen to what people have to say about the supplier or store. Click here to read what people are saying about zippy office furniture. Read Google reviews about zippy “This is very important.”
zippy office furniture reviews


Google Reviews For Zippy Office Furniture


Other things to look at when looking for a supplier might be the reputation of the supplier as well as asking yourself a few questions such as, does the supplier provide the samples of their wood? do they have a showroom for display? will the supplier assist me with taking measurements of my office? does the supplier provide any guarantees on their furniture? do they offer returns & exchange? do they offer flexible payment options? do they offer after sale service?

Before buying an office desk, ask yourself this question; “does it fit into my budget?” It’s always a good idea to know how much office desks costs before you even go shopping for one. If a new office desk doesn’t fit into your budget, then you might as well consider buying used one instead of going for a new one because it might be a bit expensive.

used office desksOffice Desks Price Comparison


Most people don’t want to go through this process because it can be a frustrating and daunting process especially if you have a little knowledge about office furniture. Before you start searching and getting overwhelmed by the stuff you find on Google, See zippy office furniture first as they’re specialists and leaders in everything office furniture.

office-desks-layoutInterior And Space Planning Assistance Provided.

Zippy will assist you with your interior and space planning, they’ll come to you, discuss things like your desired interior, wood type, texture, colour as well as taking the measurements for your office so that it’s designed the way you wish and your visitors will also find it attractive. For all your interior, space planning assistance and furniture needs click here.




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