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Over the past years we’ve seen different office chairs been introduced into the market, manufactures take tremendous efforts to ensure that they make quality chairs to satisfy their clients and end users. But most people who sit for long hours often suffer from health-related problems due to poorly designed chairs.

These nowadays we see a few manufactures making ergonomic office chairs as a solution to address these health problems. Unlike traditional or standard chairs, ergonomic chairs have some features that makes them well suited to be called ergonomics. These below are some of best and affordable ergonomic chairs in 2019 with their features.


All parts of WAU ergonomic chair are adjustable for superior comfort.
* Adjustable headrest with shell.
* Polypropylene molded shell.
* Adjustable backrest, lumbar depth.
* Adjustable tilt tension, etc…

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Baron ergonomic chair comes with gradation netting and leather seat.
*Ankle-tilt synchron mechanism.
* Mechanism with seat-slide..
* 125KG weight limit.
* Comes with 10 year guarantee.

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Higher grade chair allowing user to maintain a comfortable posture.
* Built-in lumbar support.
* Adjustable arm rests.
* Carries 125KG weight limit.
* comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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* Multi-functional mechanism.
* Gas height adjustment.
* Aluminium base.
* Mesh bah back fabric seat.
* Carries 130KG weight.
* 5 year guarantee.

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* Ankle-tilt synchron mechanism.
* 5 black nylon spider base.
* Foam filling material.
* Mesh back ergonomic chair.
* Adjustable PU arm rests.
* 100KG weight maximum weight.

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The most advanced ergonomic chair designed to embrace, wrap, comfort and lift the structure of the human body for exceptional support.
* 10 year guarantee.

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* Self weight adjusting synchron.
* Non-woven mesh back.
* Adjustable arm rests.
* Adjustable lumbar support.
* Gas height adjuster.
* Removable seat covers.

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* Gas height adjustment.
* Lumbar support.
* Adjustment headrest.
* Swivel and tilt.
* 130KG maximum weight.
* 3 year guarantee.

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In stressful work environments, these ergonomic office chairs are not just luxury – they’re necessity. These chairs are able to make a considerable difference in employee productivity and job satisfaction as well as in business costs. They have adjustable parts that enhances maximum comfort during sitting and these are some of the affordable ones.

Whether you’re in a 24/7 call center, military facility or office environment, ergonomic office chairs are a smart investment. To learn more about ergonomic office chairs or place an order, call us on 012 653 2450 or visit our showroom. Click on the map below to get directions to our 2000m2 big showroom in Centurion.



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