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According to ACA (American Chiropractic Association), “Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain – and that’s just for the more easily identified costs”. Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. Luckily enough, we have back support office chairs to our rescue.


Pain is caused by so many things such as accidents, sports injuries or unintentionally spraining ligaments, straining muscles or irritating joints, all of which can lead to a back pain. As we grow old, at certain stage we need these back support chairs to support our backs from this terrible pain that doctors have warned us about.


Now the question is, how do we escape and prevent ourselves from this back pain disaster? The truth is; we can’t escape but we can prevent it as they say that “Prevention is better than a cure”. Your question, how do we prevent this, how do we stop the rain from raining? Our answer is “build the bridge or the roof over your head”


What do we mean by that? Take care of your back while you’re still strong and fresh and it’ll also take care of you, last long until you only hear people talking about their back pain you’ve never experienced while still going strong, it’ll only sound like a myth to you. All thanks to the back support office chairs!!

Now let’s look at some of the best back support office chairs for back support and lower back pain:
High backs / back support office chairs.

High back office chair,
good for those who spend long hours sitting in the office,
back support,
back pain relief and lower back pain.

High backs are some of the best, trusted and popular back support office chairs, known for their comfortability, tenderness, swiftness and of course not forgetting their adjustability features and infinite relaxation. These chairs are good for those who suffer from back pain, spend long hours sitting in their offices and they’re also good for supporting your back and preventing it from those pain attacks we discussed.

high back support office chairs
Soft, smooth, tenderness and adjustable back support office chairs


The truth is these back support office chairs comes in many forms and shapes, but what do you need to look out for when making a decision to purchase one? Well, as humans we’re always looking for something modern, stylish, quality and classy but we forget that some of these chairs can also cause these disastrous back pains.

The following back support office chairs features ergonomically adjustable lumbar support, height adjustable armrests. super soft seat, synchronous mechanism with self tension adjustments, lateral flexibility in the backrest, moulded foam seat and other features as well:


High back, Mid back, Mesh back, Echo, Kneeling, Visitors, Lumbar and other chairs and the best part about these chairs, is that they come in different ranges and colours. So, next time you think of buying back support office chairs, consider buying these back support office chairs at Zippy office furniture at the affordable prices.

When looking for back support office chairs, you’ll need to look at the comfortability, softness, adjustability, back support features as well as the material used. If you find any of the indicators we’ve just mentioned, then ‘yes’ you are guaranteed to find the comfort as well as the back support to prevent a back pain from occuring.


While we can’t guarantee that these chairs will reduce a back pain or a pain relief but we highly recommend them based on the material used to manufacture them, their comfort and softness when sitting on them, adjustability features of the chairs for your body position, armrests and most of them are also endorsed by the South African society of physiotherapy.


I think it’s true when they say, ‘When problems or challenges arises’, others see business opportunities right there! Why do I say this? Over the past few years a lot of furniture stores have sold people only a dream, promising people that their products will do this and that, but it was just a lie or another unique selling proposition.


So watch out for those few little aspects before making a decision to purchase a back support office chair. Now you ask yourself, “I’ve already bought office chairs but they’re not as comfortable as I thought, then what do I do?” The solution would be to buy back support cushions although we can’t guarantee they will work for you because that’s not our expertise!

Introducing ergonomic office chairs with the look of tomorrow and the support your back needs today!


We like these chairs because of their light weight at around 11 kg and nearly the whole thing is made from recycled materials. It is also self-adjusting, so you can just sit back and recline without making manual adjustments, while seat height, depth and arm rest can be adjusted easily by hand. It’s so comfortable that there’s no recommended limit to how long you can sit in it.

In addition we also recommending Foot stool, ergonomically designed Foot Rests are great tools for those who spend their workdays seated at a desk, as they provide both relief to tired feet and support that helps to reduce leg and back pressure and general body strain. There you have it (Best back support office chairs).





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