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Working in an office is something that most of us get to experience at some time in our lives. Some people flourish in narrow quarters shared with their colleagues, while others cannot stand spending their day feeling trapped in a cubical. In the end, it does not matter how you prefer to get your daily tasks done, but that you get them done before the end of the day.

If you are in the position of overseeing your office’s workspace, you know how critical of a role that office furniture has. Every desk and chair needs to be in working condition, and should provide the employee with enough space and comfort to allow for a solid day’s work. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a wobbly desk or a broken chair, and at Zippy Office Furniture, we can assure you that your office will be filled with quality furniture to maximise comfort and efficiency in the workplace.

Our Office Desks

We know the importance of maximising office space, and therefore, we have a selection of cluster desks to ensure that you utilise the space in your office effectively. One of the best examples is our FOR-B036 cluster desk model, which can be an ideal addition to your office furniture. This model is a 4-way cluster desk, providing workspace for up to four people, and featuring a mahogany veneer finish to give it that extra flair. Each pedestal also features a pencil tray, with two standard drawers and a deep filing drawer. This desk includes a silver wooden divider, which is optional in the workplace, but can provide desk boundaries.

Should you be the only one in your office, our FOR-B044 modular desk is perfect for providing more desk space, as this aesthetically pleasing piece of office furniture features a mahogany veneer finish and enough space for two workstations. A corner unit is also included, should you wish to have a 90˚ angle between the two main compartments, as well as a mobile pedestal to ensure that you have access to your drawers anywhere you sit at this desk.

For the elites, we also have some options, one of which takes us to the FOR-B045 Athena semi-executive desk. This desk screams style, as it features a free-standing L-extension that can be added to the main compartment on either side, with a mobile pedestal to ensure that you have all-around access. A mahogany veneer is used in combination with leather inlays for that executive finish, and will have you feeling like a boss when you use this desk daily.

At Zippy Office Furniture, you are guaranteed to find the ideal office furniture for your working environment – with a wide selection of desks, chairs, cabinets, and other accessories for your office. For more information, feel free to browse through our website for images and details on all our available products, and contact us directly with any enquiries. Let us transform your old and dated office into comfort and enjoyability, to ensure that the employees can maximise their daily work output, and also have a fun time with their quality desks and chairs.



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