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Kelly Adjustable Ergonomic Footrest


Kelly Adjustable Ergonomic Footrest.
An ultra-convenient ergonomic footrest that will suit any user. It has a tilting, large footplate, and height adjustment.

Having a footrest under your desk helps to complete your ergonomic setup. Often, as you adjust to the correct height of your chair relative to your desk, your feet are left dangling off the ground if you do not have a footrest.

A height adjustable footrest like our Kelly Footrest will keep your feet perfectly supported and help you achieve the correct sitting position during long hours of seated work. Its large footplate makes this footrest even more versatile and comfortable for all foot shapes and sizes – plus it gives you the lumbar support you need to work pain-free and relaxed.

The Kelly Footrest’s specifications are 400mm(W) x 250mm(D) x 110mm-70mm(H).
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