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One of the most important aspects of any business office where customers and clients visit the premises is having a welcoming and inviting reception area that will not only provide comfortable seating in waiting areas, but also provide a professional and appealing corporate look. Various factors can bring these aspects to the reception space, including one of the main features of the area – the reception desk.

If you are looking to buy quality reception furniture, Zippy Office Furniture is the place where you can find a wide selection, in order to ensure that your purchase fits your office space, image, and style perfectly. Another aspect that such a purchase brings to your office is the necessary working space that a receptionist desperately needs to keep the office’s gears turning and functioning as they are intended. Let’s have a look at some viable options for businesses in the modern era.

The Smaller Option

Not every office space offers open and big reception areas, so for those who need to optimise the space in this area, we have an ideal solution. Our OI-OZ-828 model provides a professional and inviting design, with a total width of just 1 800 mm, to ensure that your customers and clients have enough room for to feel comfortable and give your receptionists enough working space at the same time. This counter is a viable option if you want to buy reception furniture for your office, and is available in a mahogany finish that provides a professional look. Should you be looking for a slightly bigger and more modern option, our OI-GM-1150 model has a 2 000-mm wide counter that features a modern 2-tone rectangular design with black and brown colour options. Both these models are small and elegant, with modern and effective designs, which is what you should be looking for when you are on the market to buy reception furniture.

The Bigger Option

For those offices where space is not an issue, we offer various counters and desks to not only fit your office’s style, but also provide the necessary space for various receptionists to operate from. Our FOR-JQ001 model provides a modern design that incorporates aluminium front panels and combines it with a melamine finish to deliver an aesthetically pleasing desk with a counter area for clients and customers to enjoy. This desk is big enough for at east two receptionists, with more than enough room to receive walk-in clients. This desk is 2 400 mm wide and only 980 mm high, giving the counter a comfortable height for customers and receptionists to work with. Our FOR-JQ002 model offers a credenza to add to the JQ001’s front desk and counter, thereby granting some extra storage areas and desk space for receptionists.

Regardless of the size of your office’s reception area, when you are looking to buy reception furniture, Zippy Office Furniture can deliver a wide selection of options with various shapes and sizes to fit with your working space. For more information, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.



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