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The Importance of Buying the Right Meeting Tables

Being a professional company, chances are good that your boardroom has its own boardroom table, perfect for company and client meetings alike, as well as other applications in the office. With a multitude of uses for these tables, it is wise to invest in quality models when you are looking to buy a meeting table for your boardroom, as quality materials will last longer and grant a sturdier meeting table that can be enjoyed by everyone sitting around it during company and client meetings.

A couple of factors will determine what type and style of meeting table you would be interested to buy for your office boardroom. These include the size of the meeting table in comparison to the boardroom it is intended to stand in, as well as the materials used to create the table, as a wooden model might be susceptible to expansion and shrinkage in variable weather conditions. Luckily, modern boardrooms have weather and temperature control, along with their air conditioning systems, to regulate the temperature and humidity levels within the boardrooms, giving you the freedom to choose almost any material you’d like, providing that the size and style fits.

Another aspect to keep in mind when you buy a meeting table for your boardroom is the shape of the room and the table you intend to fit in there. Today, we will be looking at a viable option to buy for quality meeting tables in the modern age.

The Rectangular Meeting Table

Due to the effectiveness of a rectangular meeting table, the simplistic shape will never be replaced by anything more effective than having the head of the meeting sitting at the head of the table. At Zippy Office Furniture, we provide a selection of rectangular shapes to assist you in choosing the ideal model for your office when you buy a meeting table, with one of these options being the 3,2-m boardroom table with leather inlays. This modern boardroom design features a rounded rectangular shape with a beautiful wooden veneer finish, coupled with intelligently placed leather inlays to deliver an incredible meeting table for your boardroom.

With a maximum length of 3 200 mm and a comfortable width of 1 600 mm, 8 people can comfortably sit around the table and enjoy the smooth and modern combination of wooden veneer and leather, while discussing important business matters with each other. Various arguments can be made to prove that a rectangular shape is the most effective shape of a meeting table to buy, whereas the Millennial generation sometimes argue that a round design grants equality to everyone sitting at such a meeting table. This table takes the rectangular shape and adds rounded edges to deliver a professional and stylish look that will impress clients at first glance and serve as a quality meeting table to not only buy, but also to use on a daily basis.

Zippy Office Furniture is your one-stop shop for any furniture for your office, as well as a selection of used furniture available to save you some money when you buy with us. For more information about our selection of new and used furniture that you can buy for your office, including professional and modern meeting tables, feel free to peruse our website for images and prices, or contact us directly with any inquiries.



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