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Options for Conferences

When it comes to hosting customers in your office building, or having important meetings within the office, possessing the ideal furniture is always beneficial to everyone attending. Usually, a big boardroom will be used for these meetings, while regular conference rooms can be used for smaller meetings. Depending on which rooms you use regularly, you want the furniture in those rooms to be comfortable and functional at the highest levels, to ensure that various meetings can take place without any worry about seating or tables. If you are looking to buy a conference table for your boardroom, Zippy Office Furniture is where you will have a variety to choose from, providing you with the exact size and shape to suit your conference rooms.

The Smaller Option

Bigger is not always better, as some conference rooms tend to be just big enough for comfortable private meetings. This is where Zippy Office Furniture’s smaller options come into play, with various approaches to table placement available for medium-sized rooms, in order to ensure that you utilise the room’s space to its maximum potential. One of the prime examples of a smaller conference table that you can buy, is our Round Conference Table with Leather Inlay. This table is perfect for boardrooms and smaller meeting rooms, as it features a stylish and professional finish with leather inlays. The mahogany veneer, coupled with the scratch-resistant inlays, makes for an aesthetically pleasing conference table that is one of the best choices to buy. This round table has a 1,5-m diameter and offers seating for six people in total.

The Bigger Option

If you are looking to buy a bigger conference table, Zippy Office Furniture has some options in this department as well. The Arrow Leg Boardroom Table is the ideal option to buy for your conference room, as it provides more than enough space for bigger meetings to be held comfortably at a stylish conference table. This table is also available in various melamine wood finishes, thereby giving you even more customisable options when you place your order with Zippy Office Furniture. Various oak, cherry, and mahogany options are available, with maple and teak finishes in the cards as well. As a result, the Arrow Leg Boardroom Table is a stunning option to buy, with customisable sizes and finishes to make it the ideal conference table for your office.

If you are looking to browse through more conference tables before committing to buy one, feel free to peruse our website for details on our available stock and pre-order options. Zippy Office Furniture is your one-stop office furniture supplier, with various furniture pieces that will not only spruce up the look of your office, but also provide the necessary furniture to be productive during meetings and regular working days.

For more information, please contact us directly with any enquiries. Get rid of that dreaded old office furniture by replacing it with brand-new and functional pieces from Zippy Office Furniture. We look forward to being of assistance.



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