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The truth is, when you own or have a physical business you know that your reception area is the first place your clients will normally see when they visit or come into your business premises or office. Just as a face represents a person, the reception area represents an office or a business. The looks can make or break your business.

Your office reception area should therefore be your first priority or an important area of your business when designing or decorating it because it can be seen as the face of your business just like when Will Rogers once said that, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and “First impressions counts”.


1. Have Your Reception Counter Personalized
A simple personalized reception counter with your company’s identity or logo in front of it is a nice way to decorate your office reception area. “This is how people will remember your company or brand”. Now imagine your own reception counter customized the way you want it, Zippy Office Furniture can customize it specifically for you.


2. Light It Up With Greenery
Put out some green plants to make your office reception area look more attractive, alive and beautiful, and the best part about greenery is that it’s a cheap way to brighten up your office reception area or any office. Plants also generate oxygen that helps you breath, so this one right here ‘we highly recommend it’.


3. Enhance Your Office Reception Area With Paintings
Paintings are a nice way to decorate your office reception area and are attractive to clients especially first time visitors. Not only paintings but even photographs will definitely do very well, though we believe that paintings are amazing and they speak more than one language. ‘A picture is worth ten thousand words’ as stated by Fred R. Barnard.



4. Use Books As A Décor
You may also want to consider using books as a decor, I must say that books look awesome around the reception area and they even make you look sophisticated even if you’re not. Funny hey… But honestly books or even magazines around the reception area are always flawless and will also keep your clients reading while waiting.


5. Mount Your TV On A Wall
Having your TV mounted on the wall, not only does it look nice but it also allows you to have enough space for human movement where you and your clients can walk peacefully without having to worry about touching a TV like when it is placed on the stand. And besides everything been said, it looks much



6. Less Is More

In addition to what we’ve already discussed here, keep your office reception area simple but beautiful and inviting, think minimal and choose cool colors, don’t over-stuff your office reception area with tons of accessories. A modern reception area should have an open and airy look, it must also be enhanced by an uncluttered work life.


7. Lastly, Consider Interior Design Assistance From An Interior Designer
Zippy will gladly assist and provide you with stunning new carpets, blinds, curtains, paint, artwork, ornaments, room dividers, lighting and garden design. Whether you would like a new makeover for your office, home, waiting room, reception area, church or school, Zippy would gladly help you get your ideal place furnished.



There you have it (7 Tips To Decorate Your Office Reception Area) Zippy Office Furniture is the leading office furniture specialist and supplier in Gauteng province (RSA), Zippy sells both new and used office furniture, we also do furniture repairs, provide furniture on credit and rentals. We have been around since 2010.



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